December 4, 2014 – New York Winter Statewide Energy Tour with NYSERDA

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Harvey Stenger, President, Binghamton University

John Rhodes, President and CEO, NYSERDA

Micah Kotch, Director of NY Prize / Strategic Advisor for Innovation, NYSERDA

Herb Dwyer, CEO, ASI Energy 

The New York Winter Statewide Energy Tour is an interactive, informational session designed to increase awareness of New York State’s clean energy policies and community aggregation initiatives including NY Prize.

NY Prize is a first-in-the-nation $40 million competition to enlist communities to advance plans for local power infrastructure designed to promote clean energy, reliability, resiliency, and affordability. It is part of New York’s comprehensive effort to build a cleaner, more resilient, and affordable infrastructure. These coordinated and complementary activities include Reform Energy Vision (REV), NY Green Bank, the Clean Energy Fund (CEF) and The NY-Sun Initiative. This trailblazing approach is designed to rapidly integrate clean energy — promoting more efficient use of energy, deeper penetration of renewable energy resources such as wind and solar, and wider deployment of “distributed” energy resources, such as microgrids, on-site power supplies, and storage. It will highlight potential partnership and investment opportunities for regional businesses and discuss ways communities can reduce energy costs, promote clean energy and help build a more resilient, reliable, and affordable energy infrastructure.

This presentation will highlight potential partnership and investment opportunities for regional businesses and discuss ways communities can reduce energy costs, promote clean energy and help build a more resilient, reliable, and affordable energy infrastructure.

ASI Energy

Watters Theater, Anderson Center for the Arts, Binghamton University

Speakers - Harvey Stenger (Binghamton University), John Rhodes (NYSERDA), Micah Kotch (NYPA), Herbert Dwyer (ASI Energy)
Attendees - Bruce Abbott (Energy Components International), E. Kay Adams (Retired), Martha Armstrong (TCAD), Dave Astorina (Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County), Sandra Badger, James Baumgartner (Retired), James Bedrin (Public Policy & Education Fund of NY), Peggy Benz (Retired), Katie Borgella (Thompkins County), Joel Boyd (City of Binghamton), Diane Bradac (Tompkins Workforce New York), David Bradley (FYTFuels), Gay Canough (ETM Solar Works), Paul Cesta (Lockheed Martin), Janice Cheng (Binghamton University), Bruce Condie (National Electrical Contractors Association, Southern Tier Chapter), Joanne Corey , Daniel Crocker (Plumbers & Pipeline Fitters), Clifford W. Crouch (Assemblyman), Sara Culotta (Taitem Engineering), David Currie (The Insulation Man), Paul De Andrea (Delaware County Electric Cooperative), Sandy DeJohn (Binghamton University), Mike Driscoll (SBDC/Binghamton University), Kevin Drumm (SUNY Community College), John Duncan (education consultant), Dave Elder, Adam Flint (Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition), Thomas Furch (All Phase Electric & Maintenance, Inc.), Howard Garrity (US SBA), Nick Goldsmith (City of Ithaca), Jim Goodreau (Ithaca Wastewater Facility), John Graves (South Hill Civic Association), Guy Hallgren (Bath Electric Gas & Water Systems), Rebecca Harris (Broome Tioga Workforce NY), John Hayek (Southern Tier Opportunity Coalition), Janet Hertzog (SUNY Broome Community College), Vonzelle Johnson (Binghamton University), Michelle Jones (ASI Energy), Kenneth Kamlet (Hinman, Howard & Kattell), Anna Kelles (The Green Resource Hub), Thomas Kowalik (Binghamton University), Tim Lundin (Customized Energy Solutions), Donna Lupardo (Assemblywoman), Rick Mancini (Customized Energy Solutions), Michael Marinaccio (Town of Dickinson), Euphemia Martin (Public Policy & Education Fund of NY), Kevin McLaughlin (Broome County IDA), Steve McMahon (Cortland Research, LLC), Jackie Mouillesseaux-Grube (Tompkins Workforce NY), Bobbie Nabinger (MonaVie), Cliff Olin (Olin Capital Advisors, Inc), Bonnie Palmer (Empire State Development), Andrea Palmeri (Binghamton University), Jim Penwell (Streeter Association), Joseph Ponzi (STREDC), Ellen Pratt (Tioga County), William Reed (Unchained Properties LLC), Ritter William (SCORE), Beth Roberts (Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County), Louis Roma (Sustainable Performance Consulting), Caren Rubin (Labella Associates DPC), Mary Jane Sager (Binghamton University), William Sands (BCK/IBI Group), John Saraceno (Keystone Associate Architects, Engineers and Surveyors, LLC), Ken Schlather (Coopertaive Extension Tompkins County), Mark Selby (Huron), Kathy Sheehan (Broome-Tioga BOCES), Susan Sherwood (Center for Technology & Innovation), Umit Sirt (Taitem Engineering), Jeff Smith (Endwell Rotary), Timothy Smith (TDS Performance Improvement, LLC), Mike Straight (STREDC/NYSERDA), Mary Sze-Tu (social worker), Gordon Thompson (Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP), Lou Vogel (Taitem Engineering), Mary Whitmore (Liquid Karma Record Label, LLC), Wade Wykstra (Ithaca Community Energy)

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  • Harvey Stenger, President of Binghamton University, commenced the meeting. He reiterated Binghamton University’s pioneering efforts and goals in clean energy.
  • Speaker John Rhodes thanked attendees for coming and all affiliated organizations for their efforts in making this meeting possible. He briefly introduced the other panellists who will be presenting throughout the meeting, as well as speakers for other meetings in the Tour including Gil Quiniones and Audrey Zibelman. He examined the issue of clean energy through the perspectives of government agencies, power companies, and local communities. He highlighted the main ongoing efforts such as groundbreaking regulatory reforms in the NYS energy vision, the evolution of state programs such as the Clean Energy Fund and the NY Green Bank, and leading by example through programs such as K-Solar, BuildSmart NY, and other public-private partnerships.
  • Micah Kotch began his presentation by inciting historical examples in the evolution of energy and how they transformed the infrastructure of cities such as New York. He examined new possibilities and pathways to reform energy solutions in NYS communities. He then focused specifically on microgrids and their various benefits to the community, such as reliability and economic security. He outlined the vision and award process of NY Prize, which starts with up to $100,000 to fund 25 initial feasibility studies, from which 10 designs will be selected and 5 projects will be ultimately funded for construction. “We want good, real projects that serve real customer needs.” You can reach Micah Kotch through his email ( or include #NYPRIZE in your tweet.
  • Herb Dwyer led a brief presentation on ASI Energy, a Combined Heat and Power services company based in Ithaca, NY. He introduced Ithaca’s goal to become 90% energy efficient by 2018. He explained the concept of CHP (Combined Heat and Power) and Energize Ithaca, a non-profit research group that aims to reduce energy costs and design CHP systems that can uniquely benefit not only the Ithaca community but also other cities.
  • President Stenger led an extended Q&A session.
  • John Rhodes closed the meeting by encouraging participants to engage in the variety of energy efficiency projects currently available.

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Next Meeting:
The next meeting is Thursday, January 8, 2015 from 10:00am – 12:00pm at the IBM Auditorium, Huron Campus, Endicott, New York.