January 8, 2015 – A New Generation of Community Energy, Greg Hale & John Markowitz

Greg Hale, Senior Advisor to Chairman of Energy & Finance, NYS Governor’s Office

John Markowitz, Lead Engineer of Customer Energy Solutions, New York Power Authority (NYPA)

There are many energy initiatives that our community can address now to reduce cost, improve efficiency and enhance sustainability. This meeting is the second in SUNY BEST’s four part series that focuses on energy projects.

This month we welcome Greg Hale, Senior Advisor to Chairman of Energy & Finance of the Office of the Governor, and John Markowitz, Program Director of New York Power Authority (NYPA). Mr. Hale will discuss Renewable Heat NY, NYSERDA’s new advanced technology biothermal initiative; Clean Energy Financing alternatives, including New York Green Bank, Commercial PACE, NYPA municipal financing, and Green Jobs Green New York; and the State’s continuing emphasis on bringing clean energy opportunities to underserved communities, like low-moderate income customers. Mr. Markowitz will discuss K-Solar, a joint NYPA/NYSERDA program committed to bringing solar power to schools and surrounding communities. He will also examine opportunities to pilot new technologies in State and municipal buildings to assist with commercialization as well as NYPA’s new municipal customer solutions initiative.

Powering A New Generation of Community Energy – Greg Hale
NYPA: Clean Energy and Advanced Energy Efficiency  – John Markowitz

The IBM Auditorium, Huron Campus, Endicott, NY

Speaker(s) – Greg Hale (NYS Governor’s Office), John Markowitz (NYPA)
Attendees – Bruce Abbott (Energy Components International), Alan Ackerman (Customized Energy Solutions), Douglas Armstead (SUNY Cortland), Peter Bauerle (NYS Electric and Gas), Jim Baumgartner (NAGARE Consulting), Brian Bentley (GST BOCES), Juliet Berling (Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital), Frank Bocek, Meredith Bocek (Southern Tier Solar Works), Trinity Boisvert (SUNY ESF), Mark Bowers (NYS Dept. of Transportation), Elizabeth Broad (Catskill Mountainkeeper), Christine Brunner 9C-Care), Nate Burd (ERG Lighting), Chris Burger (Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition), Bridget Callaghan-Kane, Janice Cheng (SUNY BEST), Brian Coddington (Town of Conklin), Bruce Condie (Southern Tier Chapter National Electrical Contractors Association), Ray Coolbaugh (Town of Kirkwood), Joanne Corey (VeRSE & NYAF), Mary Jo Cronin (Revolution Solar), Sara Culotta (Taitem Engineering), David Currie (The Insulation Man), Robert Davis (Town of Guilford), Sandy DeJohn (Binghamton University), Lee Dillon (Tompkins Community Action), James Donovan (Willow Run Foods, Inc), Kevin Drumm (SUNY Broome), James Dutcher (SUNY), Dave Elder, Wes Ernsberger (UU Congregation of Binghamton), Andrew Fiorentino (Windsor Central School District), Adam Flint (Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition), Kenneth Fogarty (Town of Guilford), Jim Goodreau (Ithaca Wastewater Facility), John Graves (South Hill Civic Association), Christian Harris (NYS DOL), Jim Harvilla (Customized Energy Solutions), Janet Hertzog (SUNY Broome), George Homsy (Binghamton University), Albert Hulick (Revolution Solar), Erik Jensen (WSKG), Alwyn John (TST BOCES), Nathan Johnson (Auburn Armature Inc), Ron Kamen (EarthKind Energy), Kenneth Kamlet (Hinman, Howard & Kattell), Tom Kowalik (SUNY BEST), Gail Kumpan, Brian Lake (Roberson Museum and Science Center), John Lawrence (Town of Afton), Tim Lundin (Customized Energy Solutions), Donna Lupardo (NYS Assembly), Rick Mancini (Customized Energy Solutions), Jerry Marinich (Broome County Legislature), Dan McCormack (Binghamton University), Zack McKenna (NYS DOT), Kevin McLaughlin (Broome County IDA), Kevin Millar (Village of Owego), William Moran (TRC Power Delivery Engineering), John Mueller (Willow Run Foods, Inc), Ron Ogden (National Soaring Museum), Cliff Olin (Olin Capital Advisors, Inc), Bonnie Palmer (Empire State Development), Ron Park (ERG Lighting), Charles Pascale (TRC), Robert Pass (NYSEG), Chris Pelto (Huron Real Estate Associates, LLC), Jim Penwell (Streeter Associates, Inc), Ed Personius (NYSEG), Beth Polzin (Binghamton University), Joseph Ponzi (STREDC), Ian Riley (Rochester Institute of Technology), Louis Roma (Sustainable Performance Consulting), Mary Jane Sager (SUNY Research Foundation), Chris Santospirito (TST BOCES), Stan Scobie (PSE Healthy Energy), Mark Selby (Huron), George Seneck (Town of Guilford), Jay Simonis (i3 Electronics Inc), Jeff Smith (Endwell Rotary), Jesan Sorrells (Human Services Consulting and Training), Thomas Spicer (IBEW Local 325), Bob Stezzi (Bob Stezzi Training & Consulting), Mike Straight (STREDC/NYSEREDA), Ryan Swartz (Twin Tier Solar and Wind), Janet Thomas, Gordon Tompson (Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP), Shailesh Upreti (Charge CCCV LLC), John Visser (Omega Consulting), Lou Vogel (Taitem Engineering), Charles Westgate (Binghamton University), Gerri Wiley (Revitalize Tioga), Terrence Woodnorth 9Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition), Wade Wykstra (Ithaca Community Energy), Ziang Zhang (Binghamton University)


  • T. Kowalik called the meeting to order and welcomed all attendees to the first SUNY BEST presentation of 2015. He thanked assemblywoman Donna Lupardo and Chairman of Broome County Legislature Jerry Marinich for attending. He introduced the Southern Tier Chapter of North East Electrical Contractors Association as the gold sponsor for this presentation, and thanked representative Bruce Condie as well as attendees Tom Spicer from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and Ryan Swartz from Twin Tiers Solar and Wind. Audience was encouraged to visit the Twin Tiers Solar and Wind information booth at the back of the auditorium after the meeting.
  • Chris Pelto, President of Huron Real Estate Associates, LLC, thanked the audience for attending and gave a brief description of Huron Campus. T. Kowalik then introduced the featured speakers.
  • Speaker Greg Hale started his presentation on Renewable Heat and More.
  • Speaker John Markowitz led a discussion about K-Solar.
  • Extended Q&A session followed among attendees. T. Kowalik reminded everyone that the McKinley cafeteria was open for those who wished to eat lunch in the facility. Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting:
The next meeting will take place on February 5, from 10:00am – 12:00pm at the Binghamton University, Downtown Center, Binghamton, New York.