June 2, 2016 – Energy in Agriculture: Suzanne Hunt


Suzanne Hunt - Photo

Suzanne Hunt, Founder – Hunt Green, LLC


Suzanne provides strategic advising on energy, agriculture, transportation and the environment.  She assists with the implementation of long-term sustainable energy solutions in the Finger Lakes region.  Suzanne will discuss the transition to renewable energy and advanced energy storage in NYS with a focus on the opportunities for rural communities and the agricultural sector. She will give some global energy and climate context and outline some of the progress in NY state as well as the key challenges facing us in this transition. She will also share her experience at her family’s 7th generation farm and winery (Hunt Country Vineyards) in the Finger Lakes with their efforts to reduce energy use and to eliminate dependence on polluting/destructive sources of energy.

Suzanne Hunt PP 6-8-16 eb


Binghamton University, Downtown Center, Binghamton, New York.


  • Tom Kowalik called the meeting to order. He thanked Suzanne Hunt and the sponsors for attending.
  • Speaker, Suzanne Hunt, Founder – Hunt Green, LLC
  • Extended Q&A session followed among attendees.

Next Meeting:
The next meeting will take place on September 1, 2016 from 10:00am – 12:00pm at the Binghamton University, Downtown Center, Binghamton, New York