June 6, 2013 – Creating an Innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, John Liddy

John Liddy, Director of Student Venture Development and the Student Sandbox, Syracuse University

Guest speaker, John Liddy currently serves as Entrepreneur in Residence for the Syracuse Tech Garden, Syracuse University, Le Moyne College, Cayuga Community College, and Mohawk Community College helping these institutions advance student entrepreneurial activity and engagement through innovative coursework and hands on activities both on and off campus. As part of his efforts in helping create and evolve these programs, Liddy directs the Syracuse Student Sandbox – a summer program that has grown to include over 80 student teams and over 100 business professionals from the community.

Creating an Innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

John Liddy, Creating an Innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem , 6 Jun, 2013 (Run time: 00:59:28)

Binghamton University

Speaker – John Liddy (Syracuse Student Sandbox)
Attendees - Jim Baumgartner (NAGARE Business Consulting), Dani Berchtold (Rural Health Service Corps (AmeriCorps and VISTA), Scott Bowen (Binghamton University), Luke Brookhart (Onjax LLC), David Currie (Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition), Stacey Duncan (Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce), Donna Fish (Independent Consultant), Ben Giordano (FreshySites), John Gutenberger (Cornell University’s Office of Community Relations), Merry Harris (Binghamton Local Development Corp.), John Hayek (Southern Tier Opportunity Coalition), Hadassah Head (Binghamton University), Barbara Ann Heegan (Otsego County of Commerce), Laura Holmes (Binghamton University), Thomas Kowalik (Binghamton University), Rochelle Layman (SBDC at Binghamton University), Susan McInvale (Binghamton University), Beth Mollen (Broome Community College), Devin Morgan (Knull Group), Bobbie Nabinger (MonaVie), Roni O’Geen (SUNY Empire State College), Cliff Olin (Olin Capital Advisors, Inc.), Julie Pitts (Rural Health Service Corps (AmeriCorps and VISTA), Lorrie Roberts (KLR Consulting), Omar Sanders (Binghamton Local Development Corporation), Leland Schultz (Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP), Timothy Smith (TDS Performance Improvement, LLC), Mark Stephens (Binghamton University)


  • T. Kowalik welcomed members and participants and provided an overview about SUNY BEST. He reminded everyone that this session was being recorded and a link to the recording would be placed on the SUNY BEST website.
  • Attendees introduced themselves.
  • Guest speaker, John Liddy, discussed the success of the Syracuse Student Sandbox and provided a framework for creating a student oriented innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem. “By blurring lines around the perimeter of the campus and drawing new, connecting lines from the campus to the business community, the strengths of each can be combined to create a powerful platform for new student start-ups.”

 Next Meeting:
The next meeting is Thursday, September 5, 2013 from 10:00am – 12:00pm at Binghamton University, Continuing Education and Outreach Department, Binghamton, New York.