March 5, 2015 – Inspiring Energy Initiatives: The Private Sector, Sinnett et al

Speaker Scott Sinnett
Speakers Melissa Kemp and Adam Flint
Speakers Matthew Rankin (left) and Chris Kopec

Scott Sinnett, Program Manager, Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Training

Chris Kopec, Facilities Group Manager, McFarland Johnson

Adam Flint, Southern Tier Solar Works Program Manager, Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition

Melissa Kemp, Program Director, Solar Tompkins

Matt Rankin, Director of Business Development, Sunvestment Group

Many initiatives and projects are underway throughout New York State’s Southern Tier to reduce energy cost, improve efficiency and enhance sustainability. Following December’s meeting with NYSERDA, January’s presentation featuring the Governor’s Office on Energy and the New York Power Authority, and February’s meeting highlighting successful energy initiatives in the local public and nonprofit sectors, this month’s meeting wraps up SUNY BEST’s spring series on Energy with a showcase of inspiring energy projects from the private sector.

Presentation PowerPoint(s)
Lockheed Martin: Advanced Gasification Solutions – Sinnett
Greater Binghamton Airport: Geothermal Radiant Heating for Airfield Pavements – Kopec
Residential Solar Trends and Solarize in New York – Flint & Kemp
Sunvestment Group: Bridging the Financial Gap in Energy – Rankin


(Run time: 01:53:32)
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Binghamton University Downtown Center, Room 228

Speaker(s) – Scott Sinnett (Lockheed Martin), Chris Kopec (McFarland Johnson), Adam Flint (Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition), Melissa Kemp (Solar Tompkins), Matthew Rankin (Sunvestment Group)
Attendees – Steven Bard (Binghamton University), Jim Baumgartner (Nagare Consulting), Gay Canough (ETM Solar Works), Janice Cheng (Binghamton University), Scott Clarke (NYS Office of Mental Health), Bruce Condie (Souther Tier Chapter National Electrical Contractors Association), John Duncan, Wes Ernsberger (UU Congregation of Binghamton), Donna Fish (Independent Consultant), Kenneth Fogarty (Town of Guilford Economic Development Committee), Howard Garrity (US SBA), Ernest Hartman (IBEW Local 139), Marilyn Henry (Town of Colesville Planning Board member), Naima Kradjian (Goodwill Theatre, Inc.), Francesco Liburdi (Electronic Links International, Inc.), Tim Lundin (Customized Energy Solutions), Donna Lupardo (assemblywoman), Rick Mancini (Customized Energy Solutions), Bonnie Palmer (Empire State Development), Beth Polzin (Binghamton University), William Ritter (SCORE), Denise Rossi (Foam It), John Saraceno (Keystone Associates Architects), Michael Talarski (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers), Shane Tracy (Binghamton University), Jennifer Trimber (Cornell Cooperative Extension Chemung County), Douglas Vitarius, Irene Weiser (Town of Caroline), Lianne Wen (Binghamton University), Gerri Wiley (RAFT), Michael Straight, Jesan Sorrells, Stan Scobie, Cliff Olin, Mike Tanzini, Jeff Smith, Joe Ponzi, Bobbie Nabinger, Deirdre Mensah, Chris Burger


  • T. Kowalik called the meeting to order and welcomed all attendees. He introduced assemblywoman Donna Lupardo and thanked her for attending all four parts of the Energy series. He thanked companies and organizations that set up tables outside the meeting room and encouraged the audience to stop by after the presentation to learn more about their products and services. Attendees were reminded that SUNY BEST is currently seeking sponsors and website champions for future events. T. Kowalik asked members of the Energy Leadership Team to stand and thanked them for their invaluable support in building this program series: Jim Baumgartner, Adam Flint, Rick Mancini, Jeff Smith, and Michael Straight.
  • Energy Leadership Team member Jeff Smith provided a short overview of the Energy series and its intentions. He outlined the meeting process and introduced the day’s speakers.
  • Speaker Scott Sinnett presented Lockheed Martin’s Gasification Solutions on behalf of Mauricio Vargas, who could not attend the meeting due to inclement weather. The presentation concluded with a brief Q&A.
  • Speaker Chris Kopec presented the geothermal heating project taking placing at the Greater Binghamton Airport. It was followed by a brief Q&A.
        • Supplemental Video 1: “Can Heated Runways Save Winter Travelers?” The Wall Street Journal, 2/19/2014
        • Supplemental Video 2:

    Time Lapse of Geothermal Runway in the Greater Binghamton Airport

  • Speakers Adam Flint and Melissa Kemp discussed the solarization ventures of Solar Tompkins. Their presentation concluded with a brief Q&A.
  • Speaker Matthew Rankin introduced the Sunvestment Group and its role in financing and investing community solar projects.
  • Extended Q&A session followed among attendees.
  • Jim Baumgartner of SUNY BEST concluded the meeting, thanking attendees and presenters, as well as the SUNY BEST team for an inspirational and successful speaker series.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will take place on April 2, from 10:00am – 12:00pm at the Binghamton University, Downtown Center, Binghamton, New York.