May 5, 2016 – The Road to Renewables Tour & CSS 2016 Campaign Launch


Elizabeth (Betta) Broad, New Yorkers for Clean Power
Renee Vogelsang, New Yorkers for Clean Power
Adam Flint, Southern Tier Solar Works & Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition


The Road to Renewables 2016 Tour

New Yorkers for Clean Power is a statewide campaign to rapidly shift New York to a clean energy economy. Through education, advocacy and organizing, the campaign will engage the public, local governments and businesses to advance a range of renewable energy, efficiency and clean transportation solutions. Campaign organizers Renee Vogelsang and Elizabeth Broad will stop in Binghamton to join the launch of Community Solar as a part of their statewide Road to Renewables” tour.

The New Yorkers for Clean Power campaign is focused on advancing solar, offshore wind, energy efficiency and electric vehicles as well as creating jobs in these industries for all communities in New York. Betta and Renee will present on some the details of the new campaign and how the Southern Tier can literally “plug in.”

Southern Tier Solar Works Community Shared Solar (CSS) 2016 campaign launch.

New York is experiencing rapid solar job and deployment growth. In 2015 our state moved to fourth place in solar jobs, and, with 241 mw of solar built in just one year, we are in fifth place for installations. 8,200 people are working for 631 companies, including in the Southern Tier. Since 2013, community solar or ‘solarize’ campaigns have boosted deployment in our region by more than 3 mw.

Solar is now for everyone.  You can learn how Community Shared Solar (CSS) makes this possible at Southern Tier Solar Works 2016. Until now, only 1 in 5 New Yorkers could go solar because they lacked property, credit, or a suitable site. With CSS, anyone can get their energy from solar. In addition to learning how solar works when deployed on your property, this event will be the first opportunity to learn how CSS works and to get in the queue for a local project. More information available at

New Yorkers for Clean Power – The Road to Renewables Tour
STSW 2016 Presentation Spring 2016 – Southern Tier Solar Works

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In The News: 

Binghamton University, Downtown Center, Binghamton, New York.


  • Laura Holmes called the meeting to order. She thanked Betta Broad,  Renee Vogelsang and Adam Flint for attending as well as all of the sponsors.
  • Speaker, Betta Broad, Outreach Director – New Yorkers for Clean Power
  • Speaker, Renee Vogelsang, Campaign Coordinator – New Yorkers for Clean Power
  • Speaker Adam Flint, Program Manager – Southern Tier Solar Works/Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition
  • Extended Q&A session followed among attendees.

Next Meeting:
The next meeting will take place on June 2, 2016 from 10:00am – 12:00pm at the Binghamton University, Downtown Center, Binghamton, New York