October 2, 2014 – College Towns: Binghamton University and Making Binghamton a College Town, Per Stromhaug & Brian T. Rose

Speaker Per StromhaugSpeaker Per Stromhaug

Speaker Brian RoseSpeaker Brian T. Rose

Per Stromhaug, Assistant Vice President for Innovation and Economic Development, Binghamton University

Brian T. Rose, Vice President for Student Affairs, Binghamton University

Per oversees the office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships including tech transfer activities, the start-up suite, entrepreneurial support and economic growth initiatives. He is also overseeing the new High Technology Incubator in downtown Binghamton and is the lead contact for the Start-up NY initiative at Binghamton University.

Prior to becoming Binghamton University’s Vice President for Student Affairs in January 2008, Brian spent more than 16 years at Rutgers University in a variety of roles and 3 ½ years as a practicing attorney with a Philadelphia firm where he specialized in real estate development work. Brian holds a law degree from Georgetown University and earned his Bachelor’s Degree at University of Pennsylvania. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in education law and urban planning at Binghamton and Rutgers.

Presentation PowerPoints
Binghamton University Research and Economic Development
The Millennial College Town

Binghamton University Downtown Center

Speaker(s) – Per Stromhaug (Binghamton University), Brian T. Rose (Binghamton University)
Attendees – James Baumgartner (Nagare Consulting), Rebecca Benner (Binghamton University), Milton Chester (Binghamton University), Shelli Cordisco (SUNY Broome), Robin Eccleston (STAHR), Donna Fish (Independent Consultant), Janice Cheng (Binghamton University), Tom Kowalik (Binghamton University), Kathryn Fletcher (Ad Elements), Alan Hertel (United Way of Broome County), Janet Hertzog (SUNY Broome), Ken Kamlet (Himan, Howard & Kattell), Darlene Kanuk (SUNY Broome), Carolyn Lewis (SUNY Oneonta), Bobbie Nabinger (MonaVie), Roni O’Geen (SUNY Empire State), Cyndi Paddick (BMTS), Laura Holmes (Binghamton University), Tom Sheredy (729 Property Design), Mary Sze-Tu (Social Worker), Gabriella Weick (Binghamton University), John Duncan (Educational Consultant), Elizabeth Rickard (CORE), Jessica Miller (Binghamton University), Mike Marinaccio (Town of Dickinson), Jesan Sorrells (Human Services Consulting & Training), Scott Bowen (Binghamton University), Cherrie Navarro (DoubleTree by Hilton), Lisa Court (Binghamton University), Bill McCarthy (Binghamton University), Bill Ritter (SCORE), Elaine Miller, Debbie Morello (SUNY Broome), Kevin Drumm (SUNY Broome), Francis Battisti (SUNY Broome)


  • T. Kowalik welcomed members and participants and provided an overview about SUNY BEST. She reminded everyone that this session was being recorded and a link to the recording would be placed on the SUNY BEST website.
  • Speaker Per Stromhaug began the day’s meeting with his presentation on Binghamton University’s many research and entrepreneurial ventures. Focus was given on creating an “entrepreneurial ecosystem” in the Greater Binghamton area and boosting local economy by supporting innovative small businesses and student start-ups.
  • Speaker Brian T. Rose continued the discussion with his presentation on an overview of the millennial lifestyle, generational differences, and their effects on a region’s economic development. Suggestions were made to encourage further development of Binghamton into a metropolitan college town, to prevent “brain drain,” or increase retention of recent college graduates and start-up companies in the area.
  • Meeting was concluded with an extended Q&A session.

Recording (Run time: 1:08:33)

Per speaks on nurturing entrepreneurship in the local area
Per speaks on nurturing entrepreneurship in the local area


Brian examines the millennial lifestyle and how it could best help Binghamton develop as an appealing college town
Brian examines the millennial lifestyle and how it could best help Binghamton develop as an appealing college town
T. Kowalik hosts the concluding Q&A session
T. Kowalik hosts the concluding Q&A session
The local news channel, WBNG-TV, interviews Brian after his presentation