September 1, 2011 – A New State Government Approach to Economic Growth, Kevin McLaughlin


Kevin McLaughlin, Southern Tier regional director of Empire State Development (ESD)


McLaughlin will address issues that are of interest to a wide audience.  He will solicit input on a variety of topics being addressed by the Regional Council as it prepares its 5-year Strategic Plan.  These topics include business development and entrepreneurship, technology transfer and development, infrastructure, energy, and downtown revitalization and community development, agriculture, and tourism.


“A New State Government Approach to Economic Growth”


Binghamton University Downtown Center


Speaker – Kevin McLaughlin

Attendees - Tarik Abdelazim, Robin Alpaugh, Mike Atchie, Beniam Awash, Doreen Barker, Wendy Barnum, Doug Barton,Peggy Benz, Donald E. Bergin, Laura Biasillo, Sherman Bodner, Scott Bowen, Mark D.Bowers, Doug Boyce, Patrick Brennan, Richard Burchill, Todd Burt, Bruce Cameron, Rebecca Casstevens, Steven Contento, Joanne Corey, Robert Crounse, Patricia Cummings, David Currie, Sandra Davis, Kris deVente, Gail Domin, Patrick Doyle, Rebecca Ducsik Harris, David Duncan, Stacey Duncan, Barbara Dunn, Katie Ellis, Jeanne Eschbach, Pamela Eshbaugh, Darcy Fauci, John Feavearyear, Daniel Fitzsimmons, Kathryn Fletcher, Frank Flint, Adam Flint, Frank Fotia, Richard Francis, Arthur Garrison, David Gdovin, Philip Goodman, Murray Gould, Kate  Griffith, Tim Grippen, John Gutenberger, Dave Hamburg, Eileen Hamlin, Christian Harris, Merry Harris, James Haugli, John Hayek, Alan Hertel, Daryl Hertzell, Rod Howe, Elaine Jardine, Erik Jensen, Jocelyne Jesenof, Ron Jones, Marie Kalke, Terrence Kane, Terry Kellogg, Susan Kirkland, Karen Klecar, Thomas Kowalik, Joann Kowalski, Dan Lamb, Cecile Lawrence, Christopher Lee, Cathy Leonard, Rema Loeb, Richard Lucas, Donna Lupardo, Michael Marinaccio, Maggie Martin, James Massar, Sean Massey, Andre Mathis, Kevin McCabe, James McNamara, Kevin Miller, Kim  Michels, Pamela Mischen, Susan Multer, Joe l Munson, Lindsay Nielsen, Roni O’geen, Cyndi Paddick, Paul Park, David Patak, John Patterson, Susan Payne, Carmen Perez, Elaine Perkus, Aaron Price, Carolyn Price, Matt Richmond, Louis Roma, Lou Santoni, Dr. Stanley Scobie, Paul Sidorski, Isaac Silberman-Gorn, Beverly Singer, Jerry Sleve, Paige Smith, Thomas E.  Spicer, Richard Sprout, Carl Stannard, Frank Surdey, Julie Sweet, Joseph Vinciquerra, Ted Warner,Jon Wescott, Dale Weston, Tim Wolcott, Ruth Young, Marty Sauerbrey, Matt Laba, Steve Wozniak


  • T. Kowalik welcomed members and participants and provided an overview about SUNY BEST.
  • Kevin McLaughlin, Empire State Development (ESD) Southern Tier Regional Director, presented an overview of the Governor’s regional economic development initiatives, an update on the plans and activities of the Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council, and offered time for a very interactive and lively public comment period.
  • The 130 attendees were asked to self-select one of eight topical areas and form small groups. Groups were then given approximately 20 minutes to generate ideas and comments attendees wanted to share with the Regional Economic Development Council. Following the small group breakout sessions, each group provided a summary report to all attendees.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting is Thursday, October 6, 2011 from 10:00am – 12:00 pm, Binghamton University, Room LN 1324C, Binghamton, NY